Shower Enclosures in Oyster Bay, NY

With decades of experience in the shower/bathtub enclosures installation field, you can count on Long Island Shower Doors to build the shower of your dreams.  Our diversity in the market, experience, integrity and no-money down guarantee make us the best for shower installations throughout Oyster Bay and Long Island, NY.

What Types of Shower Enclosures Do You Install?

Aside from our vast experience with pretty much every conceivable type of enclosure, we can install the following types for you:

  • Custom manufactured glass shower enclosures
  • Frameless shower enclosures
  • Semi-frameless shower enclosures
  • Glass-Steam shower enclosures
  • Glass Neo-Angle shower enclosures
  • Inline Panel Partial Panel 90 Degree Return Enclosure
  • Two Inline Panel Enclosure with door in the center
  • Glass shower enclosure with 90 Degree return

 Shower Glass Types

Now besides the type of shower enclosures we provide, we can all customize the glass to match your existing bathroom décor. Our most popular choices include:

Clear glass

This is actually the least expensive option for shower glass. It’s the most common but it does’nt really do much for a unique look in the bathroom.

Antique glass

This type of glass is considered an upgrade. It may have a smoky or hazy appearance to it inorder to provide an aged or antique look.

Rain or bubble glass

These are the best types of glass to get if you’re looking for more privacy. Rain and bubble glass both mimic the look of water or rain drops running down a glass surface. They’re both considered upgrades.

Custom embossed or etched glass

This is by far the most expensive of all the glass options out there. You can customize it with any design you’d like. Depending on the design you choose, you could get a lot of privacy out of it.

Shower Enclosure Frame Finishes

If you’ve decided to stick with a frame based shower enclosure system, then we’ve got a huge assortment of unique finishes for your design ideas. These include:

  • Brite Silver Anodize
  • Brite Gold Anodize
  • Brush Nickel Anodize
  • White Paint
  • Bronze Paint

Although these are the most common finishes available on the market, we provide custom painting as well as other finishes. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like to see a larger selection.

Shower Door handles & Hinges

Accessories for your shower enclosures are like icing on the cake for your entire bathroom. Long Island Shower Doors carries a number of unique handles and hinges that will match any arrangement you’ve got.

If you’ve got questions or concerns about getting a new shower enclosure installed or replaced, feel free to e-mail or call (516) 599-5884